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Cargo Mate Inc. is one of the longest standing manufacturers of Cargo Trailers in the South. We remain strong in the industry due to our impeccable record of quality, strength and durability, all offered at a competitive price.

Cargo Mate trailers are well known for their screwless exterior. Various trailers sizes and configuration are available from small enclosed trailers to car haulers, and full concession trailers. We offer a line of standard trailers as well as custom built trailers to fit your needs.

Cargo Mate Cargo Trailers

With “Quality from the Ground Up” our Screwless Exterior Cargo Trailer is the perfect tool for your everyday job. No matter whether personal or professional, a Cargo Mate Trailer can carry your load. 

Cargo Mate Motorcycle Trailers

 Ready to ride? Let us take you to that weekend spot or vacation get away in style. Custom Built availability means you will be the envy of the ride. 

Cargo Mate Car Haulers

When you’re carrying your prized toys, you don’t want just a box. A Cargo Mate Car Hauler will not only get you there safe, but our Screwless Exterior promises you will arrive in style. 

Cargo Mate BBQ Trailers

Nobody does BBQ like the Mate and Cargo Mate has the perfect bbq trailer for you. Not only can you carry all the items you need but this unique trailer will have heads turning in YOUR direction every time you arrive. 

Cargo Mate Goosenecks Trailers

When you have a lot of cargo to move, let us supply you with a lot of trailer to get the job done. Built with “Quality from the Ground up”, we can’t be beat. 

Cargo Mate Concession Trailers

From Hot Dogs to Funnel Cakes and everything in between, Cargo Mate Concession Trailers have just the right flavor to meet your need.